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Assortment - Stationery

Offer a memorable creative experience to your customers thanks to the Stationery Assortment from OMY!

Take your store to new heights by integrating our iconic coloring tools, brought together in an exclusive pack.

Our POS is included in the pack to give a boost to your space dedicated to creativity!

Contents of the pack:

  • 1x POS
  • 12 x FEU201: Ultra-washable markers
  • 12 x FEU202: Magic markers
  • 6 x FEU03: Fluorescent markers
  • 6 x FEU05: Pastel markers
  • 6 x FEU06: Jumbo markers
  • 6 x FEU07: Glitter markers
  • 6 x CRA01: POP colored pencils
  • 6 x CRA03: Gel pencils
  • 6 x CRA08: Finger pencils
  • 4 x PAINT01: Watercolor kit
  • 4 x OMYBIC01: Box of 5 Kawaii pens
  • 4 x OMYBIC02:  Box of 5 Cities pens
  • 4 x OMYBIC03:  Box of 3 pens France

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    Assortment - Stationery
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